Left to Right: Peggy Hill and Teri Orsini
Left to Right: Peggy Hill and Teri Orsini

Teri Orsini, Tournament Chair:

I watched my friend suffering and in pain, day in and day out, for months and months. But, she didn’t have breast cancer, her daughter-in-law did. I stood by as she drove nine hours up and nine hours back, numerous times, to be there for her daughter-in-law, son and grandson.

In 2000, at the young age of 32 and shortly after her son was born, Tracy Pleva Hill was diagnosed with Stage IIb triple negative breast cancer. After completing chemotherapy, and within a year of her diagnosis, the disease had progressed to Stage IV. Tracy was a warrior and fought hard against the disease, but her battle ended on February 20, 2009.

In early January 2009, I made the decision to get off the sidelines and into the game. To do something, anything, to help in the fight against this disease that impacts so many people. It’s not just the women and the men (and yes, men get breast cancer) who have breast cancer that suffer; it’s everyone who cares about them and everyone who cares about the people who care about them. It’s amazing how the thread is wound around so many lives, how that ribbon wraps around us without our even knowing.

The number of women diagnosed with breast cancer used to be 1 in 8; it’s now moving closer to 1 in 7 and continues to increase. Over 200,000 women were newly diagnosed with breast cancer last year. When you add up the total number of breast

cancer victims in the last ten years alone, the number is staggering.

This Tournament is dedicated to the memory of Tracy Pleva Hill and to all the women and men who have so gallantly fought against this disease.

~ Teri Orsini, Tournament Chair